The Antidote to Insomnia

Testing Positive for Covid and Learning to Be Thankful

Which comes first: irritability or insomnia? That was the initial question in my last blog. And now for the antidote to insomnia (perhaps a good night’s sleep will solve your irritability):

I’m too old to possess an original idea so with apologies to whomever came up with this process of falling asleep, here is what I try to practice every night since testing positive for Covid a year ago:

  1. When my head is on the pillow, the room darkened and my mind is unable to shut off, I run three highlights from the day. It could be as mundane as just getting through the day without feeling sad or as grand as receiving an award. I actually look forward to these moments of quiet meditation. There are days, however, I find it challenging to come up with three highlights or even one. That’s when I had an epiphany of creating my very own highlight everyday. I find something fun or “out of the norm” each day which will insure at least one highlight. For me it’s getting a Starbucks after going to the gym. Yes, I know that’s contradicting! On many nights, I never get to the third highlight because my mind has accepted sleep. Here is the irony: my negative self starts to proclaim that the day was dismal and there were no highlights. Then it will occur to me that something special did actually happen. If I hadn’t taken the time to contemplate this, I might have gone to sleep believing the day was a disaster.

  2. When I recovered from Covid, I added on one more element to my nightly routine: I give God thanks for three people, events or things. There are some nights when my prayer sounds something like this: Father God, thank you for all the things I take for granted and for all the things you are doing in my life I cannot understand or see. Sleep weaves its way into my restless soul soon after. However, if the heaviness of eyelids is still not experienced, I raise up prayers for individuals I know who are hurting, for a nation which is in chaos or all of my 6000+ former students. Of course I do not lift them up by name. I will be eternally grateful our orbits intersected and these students made my life more worthwhile. Occasionally I pray for my enemies. As a teacher of 46 years, I know I’ve garnered a few. My simple request is that God would grant them the insight to see my heart and understand my passion for teaching.

So Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Don’t disparage over the political activists who would have us ignore this holiday. We can be thankful right now, today, for so many things, especially that which we take for granted.

I’m Paula Baack, the author of Rescue the Teacher, Save the Child! TUNE IN SOON. Here’s a tease: What are today’s teachers saying about the profession on social media?

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