AMERICAN EDUCATION: Where Has It Been, Where Is It Now and Where Is It Going?
This blog/podcast is dedicated to the families of Uvalde who ask hourly, why?
The Season of Our DiscontentListen now (6 min) | The calming sunset of retirement for teachers is a false narrative for many.
Former students, who continue to pursue their passion, because their orbit once momentarily passed through ours, insures us teachers we did make a…
My name is Paula Baack. I am a recovering educator. Here are my five steps*: 1. I admit I am powerless over my fate as an educator. 2. By God’s grace, I…
A national test given to Christian students, attending, public schools, showed 90% scored in a range that indicates their views are firmly grounded in…
My One Year Anniversary Listen now (5 min) | God isn't finished with me yet!
America has enough teachers! They are not returning to the classroom due to the culture of disrespect.
A song for a WWI truce in 1914. A song which created a war of words in the 1970's and continues today.
Life Lesson: Do not judge until you know the story.
So do not fear, for I am with you. Isaiah 4: 10